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Ward Whicker, Group Chairman, welcomes you to the Fort Collins Group of the Colorado Mountain Club.

Please check out our Activity Schedule page for trips and other club activities. Guests are welcome to sign up for trips and activities. Please come and try us out!

If you decide to join us on a trip as a guest, you will need to call the trip leader to see if the trip is still open (sometimes there are participant limits). You will also need to sign a Release of Liability form. This form can be obtained from a trip leader, or on our Membership page as part of the membership application. As a guest, to find a trip leader's contact information please call Membership services at 800.633.4417.

Note that all of our leaders are trained in leadership, safety and first aid skills.

The September 2016 NEWSLETTER is now available!
Note: due to the size, the file may take a few seconds to load.

September's program is by James H. Pickering, Estes Park's Historian Laureate. James will present on Mountaineering in Colorado. Join us on September 28th, 2016 starting at 7PM at the Fort Collins Senior Center.

Fort Collins Group Council Members for 2016
(Terms run from January 1st through December 31st)

Chairperson Ward Whicker (970) 225-3747 Email Ward
Immediate Past Chair Don Carpenter (970) 267-6793 Email Don
Secretary Carolyn (970) ###-#### Email Carolyn
Treasurer Kate Polk (970) 218-7812 Email Kate
Activities Sheila Dielman (###) ###-#### Email Sheila
Leadership & Safety Paul Weber (970) 225-1026 Email Paul
Membership & Public Relations Chris Haugen (512) 701-7039 Email Chris
Communications Director Scott Farquhar (970) 980-7781 Email Scott
Program Director Bob Dietz (970) 290-6112 Email Bob
Web Page Maintence York (970) 221-5929 Email York
Trails Laura Hinds (970) 964-6017 Email Laura
Mountain Hiking School David Wasson (970) 207-1795 Email David
Trip Leadership Course Paul Weber (970) 225-1026 Email Paul
Basic Mountaineering Course Gordan Thibedeau (970) ###-### Email Gordan
Rock Leading Course Need Volunteer (970) ###-#### Need Volunteer