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The club outdoor activities are classified by physical and technical difficulty to give potential participants information to help them judge whether a particular activity or trip is right for them.

The following classification systems are used by trip leaders when describing their trips in the Activity Schedule.

Basic Hiking

Class A Up to 8 miles round trip and 1200 ft. elevation gain.
Class B Up to 12 miles round trip and 2500 ft. elevation gain.
Class C Up to 15 miles round trip and 3500 ft. elevation gain.
Class D Over 15 miles round trip or 3500 ft. elevation gain.

If you see the letter "E" after the classification (such as C-E or D-E), the trip involves exposure and may require advanced climbing skills.

Additional Hiking

On trail The trip is mainly on improved trail in reasonable condition.
Off trail Below timberline the trip may involve bushwhacking or travel through forested terrain.  Above timberline the trip may cross open tundra or involve moving on or around small boulders where the use of hands may be used, but only to maintain balance.
Scrambling The trip involves relatively easy climbing with plentiful handholds.  A rope is rarely required, but the climbing may be intimidating for less experienced mountaineers.
Semi-technical The trip involves technical rock climbing, but with relatively plentiful handholds. Some people will desire a rope, but usually just for protection on the descent.


Easy Up to 5 miles and 1500 ft. elevation gain per day. The trip is on trail.
Moderate Up to 8 miles and 2500 ft. elevation gain per day. Part of the trip may be off trail.
Difficult Over 8 miles or 2500 ft. elevation gain per day. The trip is physically demanding and may involve off trail travel over steep slopes or rock.

Snow Shoeing

Easy Up to 5 miles round trip and 600 ft. elevation gain.
Moderate Up to 8 miles round trip and 1200 ft. elevation gain.
Difficult Over 8 miles round trip or 1200 ft. elevation gain.

Ski Touring

Easy I 1 to 3 miles round trip on generally flat terrain.
Easy II 3 to 6 miles round trip and up to 600 ft. elevation gain.
Easy III 6 to 8 miles round trip or 600 ft. to 800 ft. elevation gain.
Moderate I 800 ft. to 1100 ft. elevation gain.
Moderate II 1100 ft. to 1500 ft. elevation gain.
Moderate III 1500 ft. to 1800 ft. elevation gain.
Advanced I 1800 ft. to 2500 ft. elevation gain, 15-20 miles.
Advanced II Over 2500 ft. elevation gain.

Rock Climbing

Class 1 Hiking on trail.
Class 2 Hiking off trail with simple scrambling.
Class 3 Scrambling using feet and hands and some exposure.
Class 4 Simple semi-vertical climbing with exposure.
Class 5 Vertical climbing that requires use of rope and protection.
5.0-5.4 Novice
5.5-5.8 Beginner
5.9-5.10 Intermediate
5.11-5.12 Advanced
5.13-5.15 Expert.