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New/Prospective Member Meeting Schedule
Last Meeting was Monday May 2nd, 2016, 6-7:00PM
Harmony Library Community Room

New/Prospective member meetings are scheduled approximately once a calendar quarter. The meetings are generally held at the Harmony Library Community room (on the SE Corner of Harmony Road and Shields Street) beginning at 6:00PM. Meetings are aimed at new members and people who are considering joining the Fort Collins CMC Group. People considering joining the Fort Collins Group of the CMC are encouraged to attend to learn more about our organization. The presentation will cover the wide variety of activities and opportunities available to the Fort Collins Group Members. It will also briefly cover how using the local and state web sites can increase member opportunities for participating in club events.

Contact: Chris Haugen 512.701.7039 or chris@derhaugen.com
NOTE: You do not need to register for this event.

Contact: Chris Haugen

The CMC is the oldest outdoor group in Colorado as it was founded in 1912. The organization is dedicated to uniting the energy, interest, and knowledge of the students, explorers and lovers of the mountains of Colorado; encouraging the preservation of forests, flowers, fauna and natural scenery; and collecting and disseminating information regarding the Rocky Mountains on behalf of science, literature, art and recreation.

Benefits of Membership


Enjoy the beauty of outdoors Colorado in a variety of ways: hike, climb, ski, snowshoe, backpack, etc. Receive a quarterly group newsletter containing past trip reviews, other activity information, and items of importance & education. Receive the quarterly Club magazine chock full of information on conservation and outdoor recreation issues. As a CMC member your participation is not limited to the Fort Collins Group; you are welcome to join other groups across Colorado in their scheduled activities. The on-line statewide Activity Schedule provides information on all trips state wide.


The Fort Collins Group runs several courses that provide education, training and practical-experience field trips that introduce you to basic, intermediate and higher-level outdoor skills. These are designed to enable you to have a fuller, more meaningful and safer experience in the great outdoors. These include the Mountain Hiking School,Basic Mountaineering Course, Rock Leading Course and Trip Leadership Course,.


More than 350 individuals and families are members of the Fort Collins Group. Experience the camaraderie common among participants, whether on an outdoor excursion or at one of our program nights, at our annual picnic or year-end meeting. Many of our members have found new people to socialize with outside the CMC and develop lifelong friendships.


All our leaders are volunteers that elect to share themselves with other members. Their motivation to do so varies; many simply want companionship on the trips they like to do, others lead as a way of giving of themselves, some have a special knowledge they share. CMC also partners with the U.S. Forest Service, Colorado State Parks and Larimer County Parks to maintain trails and help on special projects through our Trail Days program. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to join Colorado Mountain Club, we encourage you to consider how you can make a difference. A day or two a year is all it takes.

Membership Dues

Type of Membership One Year Two Years
Individual $70 $125
Family $95 $175
Under 30 $30

Joining the CMC

If you are ready to join us then please download, print, and complete the following forms:

* Application Form (Valid for individuals and families)
* Liability Relase (Valid for individuals and families)

We strongly encourage you to provide an Email address as most of our group communication is done electronically. We do not sell or share your Email address. Mail these completed forms along with a check for the applicable fees to the following address:

Colorado Mountain Club, Membership Servics, 710 10th St, Suite 200, Golden, CO 80401

You will receive a New Member Packet from the Golden office, and shortly thereafter our local group's quarterly newsletter and weekly available trip notices will begin arriving in your Email.

You can also join online at the following website: https://cmc.org/Join/OnlineApplication.aspx which offers other membership options as well.

If you have additional questions about membership in the CMC, please contact Chris and he will be in touch with you promptly.