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Course: Mountain Hiking

Contact: David Wasson

This course is designed to teach club members the necessary skills to safely hike in the mountains of Colorado and participate in the club sponsored hiking trips.

This course is typically taught early in February or March and involves multiple evening lectures and field trips. However the class is not offered every year.

If you are interested in taking this course please contact David for more details and to be placed on the interested members list.

Mountain Hiking School

Are you new to mountain hiking and want to hit the trails this season? Are you an experienced backcountry traveler who wants to gain mountaineering knowledge and improve skills? Plan to join the next Fort Collins CMC Mountain Hiking School.

We will meet in five interactive classroom sessions, practice the skills learned on five field trips, and utilize the gamut during a graduation hike. Classroom topics include dry land travel (gear, weather, knots, scree, and talus), navigation with map and compass, emergency survival, and snow travel. Experienced volunteer instructors will help you learn and practice techniques in an open group environment.

Sessions begin in late February with completion by early May; the graduation hike date will likely be in the summer (after the snow melts in the high peaks). You must be a CMC member to participate: Membership info. You may participate in a specific class and the related field trip if you are not seeking knowledge in the other areas, if space allows. Experience on CMC hikes at equivalent difficulty is required for participation in field trips.

Contact David Wasson at wasson3@msn.com or call 970.217.9068 evenings between 6 and 8PM or on weekends to enroll or ask questions. Enrollment takes place in January of the year the course is offered.

Generic Course Schedule:

  • Introduction to Mountain Hiking (equipment and more)
  • Map and Compass Navigation, Nutrition/Hydration class
  • Dry Land Travel Field Trip
  • Navigation with Map and Compass Field Trip
  • Snow Day / Intro to Ice Axe class
  • Wilderness Survial/Emergency Situation Process class
  • Wilderness Survial/Emergency Situation Process field trip
  • Weather, Knots, Online Resources class
  • Graduation Hike/Field

Be safe and leave no trace!