Rug Cleaner Az

Rug Cleaner AZ is a leading rug cleaning and restoration company. Founded by Bill Bass, Rug Cleaner AZ was founded on the concept that people should not let time or distance get in the way of keeping their rugs, sofas, or furniture looking like new. Their state-of-the-art carpet cleaning facilities and repair services allow Rug Cleaner AZ to easily handle any carpet or upholstery issues you may encounter. Whether your carpet is new or old, we can help.

Rug Cleaner AZ offers a variety of services, including carpet cleaning and repair. You’ll find our services are comprehensive. We provide our customers with an extensive assortment of floor coverings including carpet, upholstery, and drapery. If your home has wall to wall carpeting, we can complete the cleaning and restoration process without removing the carpet. In addition, our cleaners offer a wide range of services for upholstered furniture, draperies, and area rugs.

Our rug cleaning technicians use a high-pressure, automatic irrigation system to wash and dry carpets and area rugs. This ensures that no water or residue is left behind, and that your rugs look as good as new! Our professionals also provide sealant services, meaning that we protect your investment from wear and tear, and preserve it from stains and dirt.

As our name suggests, our technicians work on carpets and upholstery. Most of our work involves the carpeting industry. In addition to cleaning carpets, we can clean upholstery. We can repair damaged, frayed, or split fabrics. We can reupholster carpeting.

We offer expert carpet cleaning techniques, including steam cleaning. We carry a variety of cleaning products, some of which are specific to carpet fibers. The techniques of our technicians use include carpet shampooers, dry cleaning machines, and shampoo extraction systems. We also recommend a quality upholstery shampoo, as carpet fibres become damaged when soaked with cleaning solution for an extended period of time.

As you might imagine, cleaning carpets and upholstery requires a lot of equipment and chemicals. Therefore, we always suggest that you hire professional cleaners who rent or lease their cleaning machines and supplies. By renting cleaning products, you will avoid the chemicals in potentially harmful cleaning solutions and the danger they present to your health and the environment. Hiring professional carpet cleaners helps you avoid damaging your carpets and upholstery, and protects them from the dangers of spills and other potential accidents. As our U.S. consumers advocate, rental car companies should also provide consumers with the same safety and protection.

In addition to protecting your carpets and upholstery from spill damage and accidental damage, our carpet cleaning experts perform spot removal services. This service removes stubborn stains, grease, pet stains, urine, dirt, and other contaminants from the fibre of your carpet. Some of these contaminants can be cleaned off with regular vacuuming, but other more stubborn contaminants may require a professional carpet cleaning technician to extract them. In these cases, our cleaners use state-of-the-art machinery and other specialized products to clean stains from carpets. With most carpets, we recommend that you schedule regular steam cleanings using Green Solutions, a deodorizing solution designed especially for carpets. For your convenience, Green Solutions is also available in a portable formula so you can dispense it when you need it.

To maintain your carpets and rugs clean and looking like new, we recommend having them cleaned annually or as needed. If you live in an area where snowfall is common, it is important to have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis, as dust and snow may cause dirt and stain buildup. In addition, having your carpet professionally cleaned will help keep your family’s allergies free from allergens. Carpet cleaning professionals are also trained to identify and remove potentially hazardous cleaning products. These chemicals may cause serious, health threatening, or even deadly reactions in people that come into contact with them. You should consult your doctor before having any type of chemical or cleaning product used in or on your carpet.